Cleantech Drink’s Company of the Month : Will Solutions Inc. (Gedden)


Will is recognised globally for its innovative, flexible and efficient solutions to stimulate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction. Will’s community-based solutions provide businesses and governments with alternatives in sustainable management. These alternatives focus on re-using waste, optimizing transportation and increasing energy efficiency by measuring and quantifying GHG reduction efforts. Therefore, Will’s solutions make converting these efforts into exchangeable carbon credits (national and international markets). Will’s team is proud to provide win-win solutions to businesses, governments as well as involved communities.


The Sustainable Community Solution, powered by Will, targets a large range of small companies or business units located in regional clusters (up to 5,000 business units). This business solution stimulates people from those businesses to work into a “Community mode” by sharing information and business opportunities aiming to a sustainable eco-management and reducing their GHG emissions. As a result, the Sustainable Community Solution stimulates measures and aggregates many small GHG emission reduction projects into a material aggregated volume. These reductions will be generated through a variety of activities including diversion of waste from landfill, transportation optimization and building energy efficiency improvement.

Meet Martin Clermont, Normand Hétu, Danny Leblanc, Patricia Marchand and M. Michel Dessureault of Will Solutions Inc. at this month’s Cleantech Drinks event!